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Dear Friends,

It’s now April 29. Since we last communicated, we have been collectively swallowed up by the enormity of the Corona Virus as it spreads through our country and the world.  Fortunately, our governments, especially the state of Vermont have done their due diligence and we can actually see some light at the end of this dark tunnel. It now appears that there will be some kind of resolution although subdued, that will provide a healthy future for ourselves and our children. We have this to be grateful for.


For the past two weekends, our partner, the West Bolton Golf Club has offered takeout dinner menus complete with your favorite beverage and an opportunity to stroll the golf course.  These weekend takeout dinners will continue as long as the sign is posted at the WBGC entrance. Call ahead to place your order at 434-4321. Each weekend, I was there for less than an hour and the food was great. More importantly, the connection with other community members all practicing appropriate social distancing was restorative. The grass is green and the vistas beckoning. From what I have heard, we can provisionally expect the golf club to begin modified operations by at least June or July. As plans for outdoor food events are planned and take shape, Friends of Wheeler Field will hold a series of community fun fests at WBGC as we did last fall.


For now, we are still asking our supporters to Save The Date of June 13 for a yard sale at Wheeler Field. Of course, in light of the pandemic, we will adjust our objectives and dates in accordance with our state’s guidelines.


Our fundraising efforts thus far have produced pledges and cash donations totaling $10,095 and representing 29 individual donors. Many thanks to those community members who have already pledged! When I look at the list of these donors, I am truly moved and reminded of why I live here.  For other folks, please join your neighbors and add your family’s pledge to this effort as we continue toward our goal to purchase the property. Your pledge does not require any cash now but will obligate you to pay only if, the total pledges are sufficient to purchase the property in December of 2021. We will keep track! Pledge envelopes are available in the yellow wooden box, next to the mailbox at 1874 Notch Road.  If we indeed do have your support, then now is the time to make your pledge. You’ll be placing your name on the list of committed friends and neighbors who have already done so.


Thanks for having faith and for supporting your community!


John Westie

for Friends of Wheeler Field

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