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Dear Friends, 

Thanks for all your support during this past eight months as our fledgling organization has taken its baby steps towards viability. During this time, we have formed a non-profit and tested the waters; we have some early confidence in our message and our mission. Our non-profit has received $2,210 in cash donations from 22 individual and local sources. 

During the year 2020, we need to garner a major portion of local donations so that we can attract matching community grants. So today, we are asking you to dig deep and make a substantial donation or pledge so that all of us and generations to come can enjoy Wheeler Field. This is our Community. Now, in 2020, is our chance to create and preserve the property so that its future as a public resource is assured. When our cash donations total $12,500, we will enter a contract phase with the West Bolton Golf Club to purchase the first half of the park property (Lot 8). If we can act now, we will build the momentum that will carry us through to our goal of purchase in December 2021.


What are you prepared to do?


You can start today by making a donation or pledge which will demonstrate your commitment. Pledge cards are available by request from John Westie-- even if you can’t contribute cash now, your family can make a pledge to contribute cash at a future date. You can also donate here.

Thank you for making a difference in our Community!

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