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Yard Sale Cancelled

From the time just before Covid 19 to May 20, 2020 Friends of Wheeler Field has been doing a lot of considering, hoping and wishing that the public environment would relax just enough to accommodate our second Yard Sale in June. After careful thought and consideration of the risks, the group has decided to cancel or at least postpone the event for now. We are not “there” yet.

What we do have in West Bolton instead, is thoughtful people being careful. Every chance encounter with neighbors on the road brings new appreciation for who each of us really are at our core. Johnny Streeter reflected the other day that the people he encounters, are very polite and considerate. How refreshing! All of us appreciate these simple courtesies and the notion of “paying them forward”.

So Friends of Wheeler Field will carry on with quiet optimism and look for another opportunity to gather this summer. We will make our intentions known on both the listserv and our website ( Thanks to all of you who support our cause and have made pledges. If you are feeling optimistic about the future and need a pledge envelope, they are available at 1874 Notch Road in the yellow container next to the mailbox on the road.

To date FOWF has garnered $11,594 in combined pledges and cash donations. This is starting to add up and places us close to our first objective. When our total reaches $12,500 we are able to obtain a letter of intent. This is an agreement that WBGC will sell half of the park property (Lot 8) to FOWF.  Thanks for your support both now and in the future.

Happy Spring and be safe!


John Westie

For Friends of Wheeler Field

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